Good day, West Africans,

The Director, Anti-Corruption Education, Organisation of West African Youths, Amb.Nwodi Daniel Chinedu who is a social entrepreneur that believes in the change we want to see.

I and my team are working hard to prepare the young generation for the future by educating, equipping, and empowering them with essential leadership development skills that will assist them to maximize their potentialities.

We have an identify a serious problem trending among our youths which make them abhor corruption and other vices. They have lost their moral values and integrity, exposing them to celebrate and emulate corrupt people in our society.

The effort of our solution to this problem will help to reduce corruption in the mist of young Africans and also build them for future leaders. The youth’s unemployment and livelihood problem are particularly acute and growing in Africa because no one is paying attention to it but yet a large number of Africans youth simply wish to live a responsible life.

In view of this preceding, it is our pleasure to announce the West Africa Corruption Challenge Theme: “Achieving a Corrupt Free West Africa: Adding Youth Voice.” This is a platform where the young people in West Africa will compete and win the sum of 200 US Dollars. The young people in West Africa will make a short video speaking against corruption in Africa.

The purpose of this project is to change the narrative and win young people in West Africa from corrupt practices and we will train them on Anti-Corruption Education, Integrity, ethics and moral values.

How to participate:
Do a short video that is less than one minute about Anti-Corruption on the Theme: “Achieving a Corrupt Free West Africa: Adding Youth Voice.”

Who can participate?
18 – 35 years and must be from one of the West Africa Countries.

Deadline: 15th February 2019

Hence, there is no doubt that this project is to be embraced by young Africans and individuals that know the mayhem of corruption in our in Africa.

To be a partaker in the actualization of this project as we are confident that this will not only achieve the prominent point mentioned but will provide an enabling platform to creating proper awareness among the African youths.

Thank you and God bless.

Amb.Nwodi Daniel Chinedu
Director, Anti-Corruption Education
Organization of West African Youths
Phone: +234-8038129790



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