Ready ?

see ,know and hear it everyday
when I get the News from the Birds
while listening to the information from the Water 
while talking to the ants about the underground,
and they are referring to the universe,
I go to hug the next tree ,as long they are still around.
Arms tight around the tree trunk & tribe ,our veins connect,roots to Her .
United with Mother Earth ,she tells me what to do
,how to stay strong and recharges me with love and creativity,
to make sure I do my pArt and support the family .
The Brothers and Sisters that can not find the way home
look the same way,
like those,
who did not come from this Place .
I have to go,
to do my pArt and work for those,
that are in deep connection and in Love
with Mother eARTh .

Poem By Ab Elfe

Merci Beaucoup to Handmade Coat from Senegal
DesignerNdoye Laye and Photographer Olivier Hennebert from Brussels .

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