Robert Quarshie – Managing Director. BCom Hons. (Econ and Info Sys)

Our blogs and its contents are not aimed at politicising, advocating against any race, gender, religion, economic or ethnic group but will instead deal with the commonalities in all humanity.

Everything observed and acquired from my(not too long ago) existence to now, including personal life experiences, have prepared me for this journey and role to disseminate knowledge (I love teaching and helping) that is most commonly known, however, but to present it logically to help people understand and use it to their benefit.

As someone very passionate about poverty alleviation and development of human living conditions I believe a solid grasp of finance (via education) and the liberating advent of technology can help people in developing countries such as Ghana (my country of birth), other African nations and people in the diaspora rise to a level where there is no poverty famine or exploitation of human capital.

You can expect to read about almost everything from Technology, new Economics (fiscal and monetary policy), FinTech, Business, Psychology, Investment, to Sales, Marketing, Communications, and just plain common sense!

Robert q2Debunqed will, as a business, supply necessary software & IT advice (cloud-based), via the sale & support of well-recognised software brands. This while integrating finance & investing ideas (branded & customised solutions) as a ‘Fintech’ consultancy.


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