Published in Germany, The African Courier reports on Africa and the Diaspora African experience.
The African Courier is a communication forum for European-African political, economic and cultural exchanges, and a voice for Africa in Europe.
With too many negative representations of Africa entrenched in images of war, disease, poverty and famine, The African Courier seeks to redress the imbalance by giving a realistic image of the continent with all its challenges and opportunities. This, we think, is very important if the world is to engage Africa to mutual benefits.
The African Courier also reports on news and issues of importance to Africans living in Germany and Europe.
The print edition of The African Courier first appeared on the newsstands on 15 February 1998. The bimonthly international magazine is distributed by subscription and through press outlets at train stations and airports, as well as in selected bookshops throughout Western Europe.
The African Courier magazine is also available in selected outlets at airports, supermarkets and press shops in Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa.
If you have any comments or questions or would like to advertise in the magazine, please contact us by phone at +49 ā€“ 30 ā€“ 2300 7440 or by email at info [at]

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