Princess Dame Angelique Monét and team would like to thank Jimmy EniolaPresident of Hen Foundation, Event organizer Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez, sponsors MP Alok Sharma (UK Minister for Employment, MP Helen Grant. In addition to her friends who took the time from their schedules to support her in her appearance and performance at the UK House of Parliament.

For immediate Release

October 28, 2018 (London, United Kingdom)

“Socialite, Humanitarian, and Multi- Media talent performs at UK House of Parliament in celebration of Black History Month” on October 26th

October 28, 2018 (London, United Kingdom) Multi-Media talent, and global advocate for world peace multi-media talent Angelique Monet performed at the UK House of Parliament in celebration of Black History Month. The event took place October 26th, and was organized by Tony Eteka Fernandez, an international award winner, published author, and poet in conjunction with MP Alok Sharma the UK Minister for Employment and MP Helen Grant.

According to Tony the Event Organiser “The award winning Angelique Monet was amazing, she stole the hearts of the audience who had travelled from different countries  and cities, with an amzing performance and a voice that was profound and electrifying”

Monet was introduced by dear friend Hen Foundation Founder and President Jamil Eniola. The two share mutual membership as “distinguished members” of the Royal Biographical Institute Founder by Dr. Yomi Garnett.

The award winning multi-media talent is proud of her heritage which includes Native American, African American, and European descent (which she hold “fons honorum nobility titles, non-reigning, non governmental). As a tribute to her ancestors Monet performed a special tribute to her Native American Indigenous ancestors where the audience joined and Negro Spiritual Medleys. In addition Monét teaches the audience how to use their bodies to build body percussion’s. The diverse audience from all continents joined Monét in the audience participation performance as Monét sang acapella. Her song selection included a Medley, “Hold On, Motherless Child, Wade In The Water, and I’ve Been Buked.”

Monét promotes peace year round as a humanitarian, for causes and charities in which she believes, and for United Nations supported agendas to help underserved people and raise awareness for initiatives that can create awareness through media and the arts for causes that will assist in the United Nations agenda to “Leave No One Behind.” This includes her organization AFI World Peace Initiative under the New Generation In Action umbrella which holds ECOSOC status to the United Nations.

The songs were written hundreds of years ago as secret messages to take the slaves to freedom and taught at Christian churches in which the slaves could attend as part of the Underground Railroad system. However, these songs also brought comfort, strength, faith, and belief, and now 400 years later are spread around the world. I am proud to share the classical songs globally and to share with a diverse group of individuals from all backgrounds, and religious beliefs. Just like the slaves who used the songs to overcome obstacles from generation to generation. We can see this same story in refugees, displaced families around the world and, those through our centuries immigrants who are forced to leave their homes to find opportunity. My way of creating our story in order that history is not lost in “his story “ is the blessings of the oral traditions passed down to me in word, song, and music. This is called oral tradition. Considering my lineage is Native American, Anglo Saxon, and various parts of Africa centuries ago, I am proud to have all the oral traditions passed down to me from each side, my Native American roots, European lineage and African lineage. With my ancestors knowledge building legacies and a new Generation with old traditions of the Indigenous people is crucial for global change,” stated multi media talent Angelique Monét.




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