Toyin Akinfolarin is a certified Health and life coach, a mental health and
well being practitioner, an emotional health navigator, a children’s ministry leader and a community mentor for many young people.

Early life

Toyin was born in the United Kingdom where she spent her early years before moving to the country of Nigeria with her parents. She returned to the United Kingdom as adult were she has spent the 20+ years of her life.

Professional life
Toyin started her career in chemical sciences but somehow knew it was not for her. She joined the information technology world hoping to feel fulfilled because of the creativity. That didn’t last long because she began family life and the hours expected to excel in the field would not suit her young children. At this point she decided to pick up herself child hood passion which was supporting vulnerable people in the community. This set something ablaze in her and she decided to join a health care organisation as an untrained worker while she returned to university to get the qualification she needed. Today she is a recognised leader in her field. However her passion grew and she wanted to do more. She then trained to become a health and life coach
She started a group called scanningyoungminds which is aimed at partnering with parents to break the vicious cycle that past experiences create in the lives of young people and to stop young people from turning to substances, immorality and crime as a means of escape from the pressures they face. As a result of this she is able to support their journey towards a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

Personal life
She is happily married with four wonderful children of her own and many other children in her life.

Toyin Akinfolarin 
Health coach







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