Joy Wanjiru Zenz is the founder of African Women in Europe. (AWE), the CEO of African Market in Europe (AME), Awarded as one of the African living legend in Germany 2018, Winner of 2018 African Business Support Award (The Voice Awards Amsterdam), Nominated for International Diversity Leadership Award 2018.


She was born in Kenya, a mother living in Germany. Her aim is to connect African Women living in Europe and around the world through AWE platform irrespective of their geographical locations. Joy started her website in 2008 and now has over 4000 actively involved women networking among each other. African Market in Europe is a Market solution for customers to find African Products and Services in Europe on one platform. It is a bridge between both continents.

She is a professional Event Organizer. Together with her team she has been able to move one step forward from networking online to face to face networking by organising successful events for the past 10 years. (Köln, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Berlin, London and Geneva). AWE Host AWE Awards every second year to acknowledge the achievemrnt of its members in different categories.

Joy Zenz Compiled the first AWE Book a collection of 11 co-authors including herself sharing true stories. A reflection of the strength and positivity of AWE Women. Prior to raising her children, Ms Zenz has worked in administration offices in UK.

She has a diploma in Institution Management. she has worked in Pharmaceutical Companys in Basel Switzerland as an administration, communication and event co-ordinator. She is currently involved in branding Africa and Europe by joining up in different ventures with African companies and European Investors. Through African Market in Europe Website she is able to market client goods and Services.

Joy believes in African women empowerment here in Europe. Through the AWE platform African women have been able to connect and build a positive image of African Women in Europe.

Through the Awards women have reflected true icon to the future generation. She has the passion to encouraged women and Africans in the Diaspora especially in Europe to start investing in Africa. Through partnership and connecting investors in Europe and Africa to the right market and being the bridge .

She believes diaspora are the once to build Africa continent Joy believes in working together as a team and her Motto is “Together we are STRONG



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