Philanthropist and entrepreneur Dr Pauline Long is known for celebrating her birthday by giving back, today as she marks another milestone she has launched a football tournament in Kenya and Malawi to give back to the youth. The games dubbed as Dr Pauline Long Super Cup Football Tournament is aimed at supporting the youth in various villages to reach their potential. The football tournament is an initiative by Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation(PLEF).

Meanwhile the humanitarian appointed international youth leader Mr. James Woods-Nkhutabasa as the patron of Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation. She said, ‘ There is no other person that fits this role other than Mr. James Woods-Nkhutabasa. I’m so thrilled he agreed to be the Patron of our Foundation. I have for a number of years been a great admirer of his vision, maturity, passion and drive for the betterment of society. He will bring a lot of experience and support to the Foundation.”
As Woods-Nkhutabasa took on this major role, he commented: ‘I have for many years been a supporter and admirer of the extraordinary work Dr. Pauline Long has done and is continuing to do in the UK, Malawi and the world. As a young Malawian with a passion for the development of our nation and continent, this initiative holds a special place in my heart. The Foundation will enable Dr. Long to put youth, both male and female at the forefront of development by providing the necessary skill sets to meet the demands and pressures of a fast growing and ever changing society. Training the youth, providing mentorship and most importantly empowering them. It is a great cause worthy of support and I am privileged to be its Patron.’
Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation is a global organisation that provides tools for leadership and entrepreneurship. The foundation cares for the welfare of young men, widows, women and young girls that need support. In Kenya, Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation supports over 60 women by providing them with monthly basic needs. Dr Long said, “Most of these women in the remote village in Kenya are elderly and have no means of supporting themselves, I see them all as my mothers. I simply love them.” The foundation also provides scholarship and sponsors education for children in Congo, Zambia and Malawi.

PLEF is building their first multi-purpose women centre in Malawi. A centre that will open it’s doors to the community for the purpose pf education, entrepreneurship and leadership


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