We’ve sheltered the seeds of man in the soil
Sprouted, that birth a head or a tail or both

We’ve leaped to sides of the folded earth
Cloaked in the garment that rise and fill larva

When the birth of man comes in the spring
We lived up like the pigs wallowing in the mud

But the death of man in the winter
The eyes grew in layers like that of a broiler

As I cudgel into this verses
I know not in the mirage of tomorrow

But Papa told me afore I was born
The hairs planted on his head
Is cocooned with black caps
Now laced with yards worn by the angels -white

And Mama has warned to be genteel
Enliven in the world saturated in flowers and woods
For not to live like the shadow
Who vowed to save its silhouette from the sun
For not to-mourn-row -Tomorrow
With columns runs from top to bottom

For the rain falls
Perhaps, the sun shines
For your fruits grow
For if tomorrow is a mirage;
The rain shall fall again
And lap your fruits on its shoulder.


Short bio: My name is Onafowokan Taofeek. I study geography in the faculty of the social sciences ,University of Ibadan. I hail from Ogun State.


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