[ symmetry ]

there are times i wish to be something
i don’t know
maybe a falconer
{or} maybe a sacred verse
from the qu’ran
that reads like the first vowel
used by the prophet muhammad.

there are times i want to ask my father
how many sun-melt it took
for him to burn his beard
before meeting my mother
at the last page of his readings
but i do not have the gullet
to swallow much of those words
for to my father’s clansmen
a child learns to chew only
what his throat can carry.

i have fought the devil before
i know his strength
i have seen his eyes before
they look like that of a boy
dried in the sun – & the sun
is every magic that breaks
upon the opening of god’s morning eyes.

& here on this streamside
there are many who think of tears
as the only distance
that separates a girl’s face
from her make-up in the mirror—
when she realizes that
she is half cosmetic & half every rumour
carrying a sinner’s plight to the heavens.

a boy muscles his hopes heavenwards
he sticks his fairly penciled chin in the wind
asks the wind for where hope dies
after it had flown out of the body
& when the sun downs its head at eventide
the boy gathers his body into his palms:

there is no heaven after death
there is no devil in the hiding
– the two bodies
– are earth with us
& faith upon streaming waters.




Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah considers himself in two worlds: earth & (or) magic — and water or & [spirit] —sprinkled beside a converged highway of motionless bodies. His breathe cuts through the nerves of words & many beautiful things that aren’t always beautiful. A Ghanaian of the Cape Coast fatherhood, Abeiku creates and performs poetry with the Village Thinkers — an afro-poetry footprint & edits Poetry for Lunaris Review, Ghana and Nigeria respectively.
Although widely published [or baptized] in several streams on the internet and in collected texts, Tsiwah prefers the joy & freedom that comes with being a creek on social media — his narrow space of a wall on facebook under his name.

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