Nigerians to Celebrates DD 2018 in Diaspora (UK) The cornerstone for a new era of a global Nigerian Diaspora stakeholders partnership for national development is to be laid in London, United Kingdom, between 25th to 27th July 2018 when representatives of the over 22 Million Nigerians in Diaspora, Professional and Cultural Organisations converge for a historic Nigerian Diaspora Day Conference to retool a Diaspora Engagement Development Action Plan for Nigeria.
Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Europe is very happy to announce that after many weeks and months of high powered deliberations and consultations the NIDO Worldwide Governing Council, came out with a hybrid solution for the Nigerian Diaspora Global Conference (Diaspora Day) 2018.
The Nigerian Diaspora Day Conference 2018 is now scheduled to hold from 25th -28th July in London UK. This Conference is coming almost 10 years after the aborted Nigerian Global Diaspora Development Forum that was planned for London, United Kingdom from 29th – 30th January 2010.
The foundation for this unprecedented Conference was dug in Abuja at the 2009 Diaspora Day celebrations when a resolution was passed for an international, inter-organizational committee to be mandated to create synergy within the diverse Nigerian Diaspora Community Organizations.
This historic decision to host the Nigerian Diaspora Global Conference 2018 (Diaspora Day) outside Nigeria is part of NIDO overall strategy to rekindle once again the Diaspora indomitable spirit through a holistic re-strategizing and repositioning of the Diaspora using this Diaspora Day to reexamine the urgent important matters that concern all Nigerians outside Nigeria and to present a strategic cooperation, networking and synergy between the Government and other sister Nigerian Diaspora Groups. NIDO Worldwide Governing Council as part of the hybrid solution agreed that all projects already planned in Abuja to still hold and continental bodies are encouraged to send one of two delegates to such projects or presentations. With this historic decision, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation is demonstrating its solidarity with Nigerians and the Federal Government considering the current economic situation in the country not to be part of the burden.
We believed that the usual proposed budget for the organization of the yearly Diaspora Day should be invested in Youths empowerment and employment generation. We are very happy that earlier consultation has enjoyed the moral and tactical support of the following sister Diaspora organizations: 1. Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK) 2. The Nigeria Diaspora Alumni Network (NiDAN) 3. The Association of Nigerian-American Professionals in Nigeria (ANAPIN) 4. The All Nigerian Nationals in Diaspora (ANNID) 5. The Nigerian and Canadian Business Network (NCBN) We are delighted that earlier consultation has enjoyed the moral and tactical support of other sister Diaspora organisations.
We are also happy to remain in good consultation with the Permanent Secretary – Political Affairs, The Office of The Secretary to the Government of the Federation who oversight Nigeria National Volunteer Service (NNVS) and other relevant organisations and parastatals in Nigeria and in Diaspora. Focus Area Focus Area will be Diaspora development Roadmap for Nigeria through the anticipated Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) which will be followed by Nigeria Diaspora debate and position on:
1. Nigeria Diaspora Voting Right
2. Leadership and Good governance
3. Diaspora Enrolment and Global Diaspora Database
4. Diaspora Housing Investment Fund
5. Diaspora Remittance and national development We call on all Diaspora Organisation to join in this historic edition of Nigerian Diaspora Day Conference 2018 in London, UK. Consultation with more sister Diaspora organizations are ongoing.
We call on other Diaspora Organization to join in this historic edition of Nigerian Diaspora Development Conference 2018 in London UK. For further information, kindly contact NIDO Europe (Host Secretariat) or NIDO Continental Secretariat. The official communique will follow.
Hon. Kenneth Gbandi Chairman NIDO Continental Europe

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