Will the Revolution be Televised? pt 2
Black Panther, Afrofuturism & the Afrikan Revolution

So you seen the film, you heard the breakdowns, now… its time to look to the future!

2018 will go down in history as the year that Afrikan Centred Science Fiction went mainstream, with the now monumentally successful BLACK PANTHER.

What is lesser known however is the work of grassroots Black artists and authors who have been at the centre of shaping the genre that has become known as Afro-futurism.

At this Nommo we take a very serious look at what it would take for Black creators & audiences to make images like Black Panther, the rule rather than the exception.

We will explore the politics. economics and social impact of Black Sci-Fi and their role in forwarding a Black agenda i todays world.

• What is Afrofuturism?
• What role does Black Panther play in developing Afrikan Cinema?
• What ideas should Afrikan Sci-Fi explore?
• How do we ensure that the power in Afrikan Sci-Fi remains with Afrikan People?
• Who is making Afroturist work?



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