HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIRTYMINUTESRULE.COM ? is a worldwide group. We are derived from a concept based on ‘30 minute rule’ located in the Chapter ‘The Limited Human Designed Academic System on Page 97’ inside the book entitled ‘Our World in Metaphors’ which is ‘Driven by the Truth.’ The chapter has been provided free of charge on this website to enable participants to appreciate the main driver behind the setting up of the group.



We are a team of multi-ethnic and cultural individuals, who are driven by the noble cause of assisting to liberate HUMANITY. We believe that, the first step in this liberation, is for humanity to understand who and what HUMANITY is because; without such understanding of the truth at the foundation of HUMANITY (which has been the case since time immemorial), lies which brings about theories and confusion took and continue to take hold. In view of these we want to make it clear and state that, HUMANITY is Man and Woman excluding all else and, HUMANITY is the only CREATIVITY. Anyone who has the capacity to name and/or rename themselves…anyone who is capable of disputing what they are called, keep a history of their lineage and capable of putting things together and/or in motion, is a human being. The rest are animals that either accept whatever name is given to them or ignorant of whatever they are called and would never complain over whatever they are called! Our primary and sole aim is to liberate HUMANITY by getting humanity’s thought process in the right order. This is critical because, if anyone believes that human beings are animals or belong to the animal kingdom, they would think and act like animals. If anyone thinks they are an inventor or creator they would start acting like God; just like a deluded tenant would start acting in a bizarre way, if they suddenly believe they are the Landlord.

In view of all these, let it be known henceforth that, we, human beings are neither inventors nor creators; we only can reinvent & recreate based on existing principles for the ground upon which we stand in order to reinvent, the air we breathe and water necessary for our existence before whatever else, have NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF US! Let us also remember that, the imagination to fly came from the birds of the earth we also had NOTHING TO DO WITH. We therefore are hereby introducing the 5Ps based on the 5 Finger Theory for the posterity of humanity; Produce, Patronise, Promote your own unique People and Products and pull them all together in mutual exchange, collaboration and partnership for a better not perfect world! We do so in recognition of the fact that, to restrict one is to restrict all! This is what each individual, community, country and continent has to do, else humanity will continue to wallow and suffer in ignorance.

The appreciation of these facts we believe, is critical, as they bring us closer to normality by highlighting our limitations which is vital in regulating our otherwise ‘poisonous’ raw emotions. Our limitation is the only source from which we have humility which is the most essential part of HUMANITY. It is our intention to highlight the limited nature of Academic System which, can only offer very limited employment opportunities to, not all the multitudes of people who are attracted to it let alone, the billions who are rejects of it coupled with the fact that even many attracted by it are having to struggle with possibly they least of their talent which they were forced to pursue by the way the academic system is designed. In addition to these, we intend to do the following as well;

  • Ensure Humanity appreciates its rightful source and identity in the knowledge that, a traveller who does not know where they began their journey and their current location will not be able to find their destination.
  • Commitment to enable each person that forms a part of Humanity identifies, harnesses and maximises their real talent which would set them and others around them free.
  • Commitment to ensure that those who sign up with our ethics and got supported to maximise their creativity extend our ethos which revolves around understanding of humanity, mutual respect, exchange and sharing in the differences that are there to enhance us.
  • Finally, we are committed to ensuring that human beings appreciate that though we are creativity, none can be creativity on their own but we often assume otherwise. Based on that assumption, FEAR and IGNORANCE became the greatest destroyer for humanity and humanity’s greatest FEAR became the revelation of emptiness in relation to the fact that, every individual, community and nation is nothing on their own. If in doubt about our respective emptiness then, give us the most ‘clever head’ and let’s see how clever that head is, as it performs on its own whilst disconnected from the neck?

About Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez

Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez is an International Award Winner, Published Author & Poet, Broadcast Journalist, MC and Youth Empowerment Consultant . He is also The CEO of AFRICA4U and The Founder of Africans in The Diaspora People also see him as a Cultural and Social entrepreneur, which means he is skilled in working with many different communities, bringing people together in successful focused events. Tony has organised many cultural events …involving both BME and mainstream communities. He is skilled in hosting events that reinforce community cohesion and bringing different kinds of people together. He has organised events in The UK, The U.S.A, Holland, Germany, Romania, Malta and Nigeria and has visited over 22 European Countries. Tony has also organised The Black History Month Celebrations at The UK House of Parliament for over five years in a row He continues to promote the true life and success stories of Africans in Europe and Africans around the world and has organised several small scale literary and awards initiatives aimed at empowering young people. He has also spent time as an International broadcaster and was The Producer and Presenter for AFRICA4U International Radio Talk Show at Reading4u Radio Station for nearly three years. Tony has interviewed high profile Members of Parliament, Distinguished celebrities and some of Africas best musicians including Ivonne Chaka Chaka and Kanda Bongoman. He has also been a guest on BBC Radio on numerous occasions to discuss the community cohesion events he organises at UK House of Parliament and also to recite some of his published work in memory of Nelson Mandela, 50 Years Anniversary of The race relations act and major community issues. Tony has also a Guest on popular Radio stations in Nigeria and The States In the last few years he has been very passionate about Youth empowerment, community cohesion and cultural intelligence. Tony was born in South London and has lived in several parts of England and Nigeria . He started writing at the tender age of nine, a habit he expressed with creative enthusiasm. Tony writes Poetry, short stories and proverbs on personal development. He is currently working on his 4th book which will also be his first novel. He is also into Public Speaking at Special events and Social functions and is a Mentor for young people in the UK Community. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Lagos, Nigeria in English and World Literature. He later went on to attain a teaching qualification at The Frances King International Training Institute, South Kensington London, it was here he studied Teaching English as a Foreign Language. He also studied Web Design at The City University in London. He published his first book in June 1999 called “The Beauty in the Dark” (A Collection of Poetry which received critical acclamation in many circles around the world). .Tony’s aim in life is to inspire the young generation and to encourage the youth to make the very best of their dreams and aspirations,. He published a 2nd book in June 2009 called ” The Sound of Running Water” – A Family gift book of proverbs and quotations on Personal Development and Positive Thinking . In December 2009, he published his 3rd book called “One Moment of Peace”.- A collection of Poetry inspired by personal experiences and spiritual growth. Besides the fact that the Artist has won International online awards, he is mostly inspired by Life experience, love, music and cultural awareness. He was Resident Poet at the 5th London Poetry Festival in 2009 and has been a guest on BBC Radio on very many occassions including The famous Anne Diamond Show. He has also been a guest on a few SKY TV stations and several International Radio Stations around The World
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