The Global Educational Trust works with corporate sponsors, organisations, communities and individuals to help increase literacy rates both at home and across the world.

We believe that primary education must be free and available to all children.

We also believe that every adult deserves the ability to read and write. Good standards of literacy form a key enabler in all walks of life.

GET seek to raise child and adult literacy rates in the UK

Through the GET FREE BOOKS initiative, GET is striving to positively affect the children and adult literacy rates in the UK by making books free for all.

It is a sad fact that access to books is becoming more difficult, as libraries are closing across the country, owing to lack of funding from government and local authorities.

Not everyone can afford to go to high street book shops and buy a book every week. Some people are reluctant to join libraries and in any case, owning books always feels better than borrowing books.

Bringing reading back to the community


GET is opening FREE Books shops around the country. Our goal is to provide a FREE book shop in every city in the UK. Via these outlets, books are made available to anyone who needs or wants them, completely free of charge.


Some people need more help than others when it comes to their literacy and so we are proactive in establishing reading groups, book clubs and providing professional learning support for anyone who wants to improve their reading skills.


We will provide some financial support for those more talented people who wish to embark on further education but who would not otherwise be able to afford to.




G.E.T. Making education available to all

Email: admin@globaleducationaltrust.org




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