Faustina is simple, humble and spirited yet  self-motivated serial entrepreneur. Having graduated  and practiced  Nursing and midwifery for over 5 years, Faustina however, got back to her first love which is writing and journalism, creating platforms within that area.  In the last four years, she has passionately been working on her vision  to influence a positive identity for African heritage.


With her husband, Emeka Anyanwu , Faustina Co-founded C. Hub magazine, Faunteewrites Publishing, Divas of Colour Forum , MBW PR, Pearlwoman Magazine, Women into Leadership Conference, CA awards.


Within the C. Hub magazine brand, they have created the most prestigious award for Africans in the UK – CA award (Creativity Award) with audience of high rated personalities, and international celebrities. C. Hub magazine has a monthly  readership of over 500,000 globally.


In 2014, Faustina founded Divas of colour International women’s forum. The largest gathering of world’s most influential women of colour from around the globe, a day that includes, fashion shows, conference and awards. As well as raising funds and awareness  for and with our chosen charity in raising awareness and funds.



Faustina has been featured on the front page of The Voice newspaper in UK as women succeeding against all odds. She was also featured alongside  Diane Abbott MP as one of Black women doing it, in their Sisters doing it for themselves series. She also speaks on why she wants to honour Black women. Faustina was also named at number 8 in the African Doers listing by Tropics Magazine and No.2 on the six leading African women in UK by Afrokanist magazine.  Faustina speaks exclusively withNaija Living magazine on her journey as an entrepreneur.

She is also a known voice at speaking out against racism and underrepresentation of women of colour. .     Outside her busy  schedule, Faustina holds periodic mentoring sessions with young women, organises and speaks at women’s events, and uses her platform to inspire and motivate others.

Despite her busy schedule, Faustina finds time to mentor and train young entrepreneurs and women.  She has mentored numerous young women, interns, and helping them get a start with their life purposes.

Faustina and her husband, Emeka Anyanwu  work so hard to create opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, which is evident in their Divas of Colour event which gives models of every background opportunity to excel. Faustina works tirelessly, highly dedicated to her vision and passion to change the narrative around ethnic minorities.

Faustina has won several awards both in the UK, US and in South Africa, been featured in several national and international newspapers and magazine as well as major online media.

She is happily married and lives with her husband, Emeka Anyanwu and her 3 daughters, Chelsea, Danielle and Nicole Anyanwu.

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