I want to give love a chance

I want to give love a chance but I have been hurt once, twice, thrice
so trust runs low and forgiveness is now just a word
its as if sorry has become my middle
in the words of tina turner,”whats love got to do with it”
if I could believe them, then myb I cld be the master of the game
but I wear my heart on my sleeve,
a hopeless romantic, whoz ever thirsty for love

I want to give love a chance but love  almost killed me
drunk in love, impaired vision, but my lover was sobber and on a mission
his pleasure was my purpose and I was pleased to be at his service
but he was never there
so all nyt I cry on my pillow lonely
and when he comes instead of passionate love he comes with accusations
the bed I cry in lonely
has turned to be a crime scene of passion and I stand accused of sharing
the langeries am wearing for him stands as evidence, instead of being
for him,  its branded as from him
I stand naked for him but his words strip me even more till I feel
like am a slave standing in a town square waiting for my wooping

I want to give love a chance
but every day is a trial which ends with a face pounding, which even
face powder can not hide
am running out of excuses, the constant calls from mistresses gloating
and his families excuses
I understand that pain is a game we all got to play but I swear this over time
I can do bad all by myself
this is the breaking point yall so am taking back my things, I loved
love but love didnt love me

I want to give love a chance but the love that I will love has to love
me, respect me, trust me and make me feel feelings that will remind me
why I am a woman and warm mmmmm
it has to engage my mind in inteligent conversations, give me the
butterflies evertime we touch, kiss me so passionately that even the
gods of love would be jelous, ebrace me so tenderly as if scared to
break me or even drop me

I want to give love a chance but the love I chose caged me, chained
me, I made my bed I got to lay in it, for the biological clock is
ticking a loud tick and society is screaming ur getting old, so
instead of being bold I settle for being sold, to the highest bider or
just any bider really
I want to give love a chance but its taking its time so I will take
the imitation, no one ever died of being lonely, atleast am not alone
THvodloza #sun kissed skin



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