Antwian Marcel Crawford, pen named Intellect, is the author of 2 books of poetry. Third “Eye”solated published in 2013 and A Look Into My Third Eye published in 2005. He is also the creator The Underground Poet’s Society, which has been in existence since July, 2000 and officially turned into a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in 2007.

Mr. Crawford is also a Architectural/ Mechanical Designer that lives in South Florida, among many other things. He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey but was raised in Radford, Virginia. He now resides in South Florida since 1993 after moving from Newton, North Carolina in which he lived for 2 years. “Poetry has been my passion since 1986 and I use it as one of many forms of self-expression due to the limitless potential of creativity that comes from writing.” Antwian goes on to say that, “Whether it be hip-hop, poetry, spoken word or anything that uses the art of expression through words, whether written or verbal, it is considered to be poetry because it all fits under the same poetic umbrella.”

Mr. Crawford has made a living using the creative side of his brain through the art of Architecture, Mechanical Design and Poetry and brings at least 27 years of professional experience to the table. “I feel that poetry does not get the respect that it deserves across the board due to its lack of professionalism and support among poets, which chokes the art form from within.” He goes on to say, “It’s time to hold ourselves accountable for who we are and the things that we do to take the art form to the next level.” Lastly, the Founder of The Underground Poet’s Society, Inc. says that, “We owe it to ourselves to raise the bar as poets, as professionals and as a people, because everything that we’ve done in the past can be used in what we do in the present which, in turn, leaves a mark on our legacy.”

Antwian’s words have been recited on stages, at poetry venues and on radio stations as far away as Lagos, Nigeria. His work has been admired and even studied in High Schools and at Colleges across the country. Student’s have written papers on his work and he receives tons of emails from readers expressing their appreciation of his poetry from all over the world. He is currently working on his latest book called Third “Eye”solated…

“I’ve known both misery and happiness… lived in so many different skins, it is impossible for one skin to claim me.”
-Gordon Parks

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