Enotie Ogbebor was born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. A prolific award winning Fine Artist and Singer/Songwriter .He says thus’’ I seek through consistent experiments to use my Art in the quest to encourage humanity to seek for Truth through beauty and harmony. I have been influenced deeply by an intuitive style of Painting, sculpting with colours perceptions/experiences of my environment, people and imagery that come to me.
Documenting his environment the good and the ugly, he has produced works that highlight the plight of child hawkers . These series of paintings focus on children exposed to the vagaries of the streets away from school eking out a living to support their families, a reflection of values gone wrong in society.

Regarded as a foremost authority on Benin Court Art, he has painted in documentary detail in his unique style and colours all the major festivals of the Benin Royal Palace. He recently photo documented & painted the Igue festivals in December 2010 with two world acclaimed National geographic photographers Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher. His works are included in the globally acclaimed book ‘’ Benin; Kings and Rituals’’ edited by Barbara Plankensteiner, His landscapes are breathtaking and cathartic, capturing the splendour of nature . They also document old architecture, the chaos and energy of city life, the rustic lifestyle of rural life, Enotie’s use of colour and texture is unique in the expression of his impressions.
The Carpetbaggers series showing capitalism at work man ,woman, business, hustle, the grind, progress, motion, stress ,resilience, success, challenges, chaos, upheavals, triumphs, the boom/burst of banking, stock markets, economies, the loss of identity, communalism ,privacy are captured in explosive colours and strokes uniquely Enotie’s style reflecting the energy of the bustle .
The mother and child series which captures the special bond which womanhood shares with her off spring. The hope & struggle to create a good environment for her children is humanising in its selflessness. something which transcends money and power.
The bouquet series captures a glorious moment in the life of the floral arrangement and holds it before the viewers gaze, Nature celebrates beauty, we all need to celebrate beauty more in our thoughts, words and deeds and eventually only beauty will be found in all things .
Enotie is a self taught multi-talented artist who has produced short 2D/3D animation as well as music. His obvious talent at an early age made his parents employ an Art teacher for private lessons at home. He has a degree in Economics/Statistics University of Benin Nigeria and has entrepreneurial experience.

He set up Curio studios a Fine Art/digital art studio in 1995 as a 24hour studio. The studio remains home to some of the leading contemporary artists in Nigeria and also we continue to train a lot of younger artists .
He was commissioned in 1996 by the Great Benin centenary committee to produce and organise National/International Art exhibitions to commemorate the Centennial commemoration of the British Invasion of Benin Kingdom in 1897.
His clients include The Oba Of Benin, UBA Plc, Polo, The FAAN in charge of all airports in Nigera, Templars Solicitors, Vetiva, The Ethnographic Museum Vienna Austria, GTB Plc, ACCESS Bank Plc, Quintessence Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, Terra Kulture V.I. Lagos, Nike Art Center Lekki, Lagos, Thought Pyramid, Abuja, Ed Cross Fine Art Ltd London.
Enotie has visited various global historical Art and culture places like the Parthenon and Acropolis in Greece, the Pyramids of Giza, Statue of Ramses in Egypt, Safaris in Kenya, Ethiopia, The Louvre in Paris, Art Basel in Switzerland, Museums and Galleries all over the world.

Selected Awards/Exhibitions
F.A.C.E awards for Best visual Artist of the Year 2014 Atlanta, Georgia USA.
L.M.A awards for best visual Artist 2014 Lagos, Nigeria
2011: Promises Kept, Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos.
2010: Generational Statement, Thought Pyramid Gallery, Abuja.
2007: Eclectic Treasures, Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos.
1997; Colours of festivity, Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre Benin,Nigeria
1996; Colours of festivity, Goethe institute Victoria Island ,Lagos
GSM:+234- 08057-319415
Email: /, / enotie Ogbebor

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