•  Rukayat Aderewa Basaru popularly known as Adebeauty love is a Speaker, Parent Governor, Entrepreneur and Mother.
    She has three Organisations in UK that help promote  Africans  both home and abroad in different ways i.e. Education, Immigration, Family Issue, Marriage/Divorce, children Advise, Youth empowerment, Employment, Business and many more.
    She has been nominated for different awards including International Achievers Awards and Life Changers Awards, MBE Awards, NEA Awards etc. She believes in giving back to the community like she always say, inspire before you expire.
    Adebeauty is a down to earth Role Model with lots of drive, energy and a selfless vision to serve and make a difference. She is very passionate about networking, community engagement and social harmony

    Founder of True African Heritage,
    Founder of African Business and Entrepreneur Networking,
    Founder/Award Coordinator of True African Awards

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