Bernadette Gaye Kerr is born in Jamaica.

She is now becoming the nation’s foremost inspirational writer. Her journey through life conveys message of hope, faith, patience and inspiration. She is a past student of the Bromley College of Further and Higher Education incorporating the University of Greenwich, London and Harrison Memorial High School a privately operated Christian School in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

In spite of her hurdles she has beat the odds by demonstrating that God has full control of her destiny and with God all things are possible. She is a qualified and experienced Business Administrator and is the Campus Manager at Global Institute of Certified Specialists, a government registered nursing institution in Jamaica. She is a member of the (AMT) American Medical Technologists, USA.

She is the Leadership Mind Ambassador Award (LMA) Best Female Author of the year 2014 and Black Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television and Arts (Beffta UK) nominee for Best Author of the year 2014.

She is well known for her contribution in motivating others especially students to rise above the hurdles or other limitations and to soar to new heights in achieving their career and personal goals. Her aim and aspiration is to enlightened the world especially the youth with her vision and inspiration that will make our world a better place.

Overcoming the Hurdles of Life is a book that will take you on an incredible journey, understanding how hurdles can affect an individual and how a solution can be made with hard work, commitment, consistency and spiritual interventions. She would love comments from readers. Please send correspondence to Bernadette Kerr email:

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