I find it difficult talking about my childhood, it was one filled with hardship and bitter phases, I never thought of creating a meaningful future.
I did not really know who I was and I still believe there are so many young people like myself out there on the street.

If I can come this far, they too can and anyone can do the same, because my road has not been an easy one.

I wouldn’t say I came from poor background but most times we found it diffict to eat and went without food for long stretches and even when
we camea food, we did not eat properly

My mother, Comfort Olubogu, was a very creative hardworking woman, shewas also very patient and sacrificed a lot.

She was willing and ready to sell her clothes to make sure we went to school;and how could I forget My loving and caring Dad, Jonas Olubogu is a trader.
I Thank God for given me the perfect parents. I come from Ideoto north, L.G.A in Imo State- Eastern Nigeria. From a family of four. Three boys & girl.

AS the first son and living a dubious life was very disheartening for my parents and siblings’, Growing up on the street entailed getting into trouble,
hanging around wih the wrong crowd and geting into all kinds of mischief. . I was among those people that believed so much in the street life, I was always that gentle boy on the street with a negative mindset. I used to find it very difficult going to church then. I saw it as multi-tasking thing to do. We were beaten before we can go to church.
Getting into trouble and had no direction and vision whatsoever, yet I never knew what manifestations were ahead for the fuure.

I still feel destiny isa funny thing.
My first chosen career then was football and my football nick name then was Petit, that was how my stage name pet wise came about.

Yet at an early age with all the distractions and wild phases, there were still seeds of passion and determination which were part of my being, my drive
and my mindset- even thuogh i often used it in the wrong way.
I was passionate about football and I gave it my best. My friends then, Ebuka Terri, Edu tente, Elochukwu, okirikor, Edu Nkoyeri to mention a few of them
now, play for international clubs, Unfortunately I dropped it for another career.
I had no regrets knowing full well that finally I have found the career of my own and was no more living in another man’s dream,
presently I derive joy in what I do.
I also enjoyed writing, I started with movie scripts and a bit of novel and poems, I started writing in high school in 2003,
my best subject in high school then was literature, so it gave me more clues what writing and filming was all about.
I was really into movies and within the short period of 7 months, I wrote,
directed and produced my first film entitled “BLOODY TWINS”. Featuring the two fast identical upcoming nollywood finest twins, Elijah and Elisha shire, then again I assisted in another epic movie entitled “KETARSHI” as an assistant director and producer, directed by a good friend of mine, Chukwu moses.
In the year 2005, I embarked on my music career, and then I was a commercial secular rapper, that is where raping in clubs and bars started.
I was with a group then called “WISE UNIT” and “WIZEMEN” gotten from my name Petwise. Alongside with Money Banks, Young G and Outwize.
I left it and joined another group called “ICONS” in the year 2011, the likes of Kskills and Graysongz, though we recorded one gospel song together,
titled BABA M, but we had a lot differences, our styles weren’t in line to what we want. Then in 2012, I decided to go on solo and I fully became a gospel singer,

I am grateful to God today because I did not abuse the gifts He gave me. If I should die today I am confident that I died for something that worth dying for. Discovering another gift of speaking is a thing joy and peace of mind. My motivational speaking career is the only thing that amazed my close friends and my immediate family members. They were contemplating how possible is that.
My speaking career took them unaware; coming from the street now going back there to change the young people is a big step in transformation. Knowing full well the life I once lived.
Today I am a testimony of a life developed into creativity, am now part of the creativity of the creator, writing, singing and speaking, This is the most amazing combination, meaning that no matter who you are , or where you are from, I can always reach you and you will always hear me. You can make a change in your life, if you really want to.
I still reminiscing the community seminar hosted by one of my mentor, Omah Michael. That’s was my first speaking engagement. I was not prepared because I only planned to anchor the program and not to be among the speakers. There is still room for growth battling for self confidence in me then. I was not in my right self that day, it was a very difficult thing for me, anybody that knew me very well will know am a very timid person. Facing people is like hell to me…

That same day, my two kid siblings were around, Chinelo and Chukwunonso, our last son Obinna was in school then.

There is something I still found very difficult to believe, that within a short time of been a motivational life changing speaker,
I have changed and inspired a lot of lives around the world and am still doing that. I don’t believe more in repetition of prayers like every other people
do. I pray less and I act more. Each time I close my eyes to pray the first thing I always ask God is GRACE, like my guidance will always say; Grace is the fastest car in the world. I could remember the day I told my mother even if I decided to be failure in life is already late. I can’t remain there. There is this word I always register at the back of my subconscious mind that becoming great in life is very easy but becoming nobody is very hard. I always knew I had a dream that is worth dying for.
One big advice that I have learnt to use and it has been awesome personally to me is to believe totally and totally on GOD not anyone. I used to wait for
other people to do before I can, I have noticed, that the people you are waiting for are also waiting for you to be the first to do,
most of them does not have what you have.
Today, I am a founder of many organizations, Empowerment speaker, Business Advisor, social entrepreneur, community ambassador, change agent, humanitarian,
Author, Song writer and Award winning Gospel artiste, I have written so many books, managing about four life transforming organizations,
gotten a lot of international recognitions, and I have embarked on so many community young empowerment programs, still aiming to achieve more in
nearby future. Working on so many upcoming projects which I will disclose later and will always keeps my fans posted.
I am also the brainchild behind Leadership and Mind Ambassadors Awards


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