Join me on AFRICA4U RADIO SHOW, This Tuesday the 2nd of July at 6pm as I intervIew Reading based Alison Awuku (CHAIR-PERSON OF ESTEEMED BREAKTHROUGH) and Mufalo Akayombokwa (SECRETARY OF ESTEEMED BREAKTHROUGH)
Alison is very passionate and speaks on the subject of Relationships. She speaks in seminars, workshops and various other events as well as coaches and mentors groups and individuals on building and maintaining fruitful relationships.
Mufayo is a registered nurse and midwife, as well as an expert in public health. She is passionate about educating individuals and organisations on all aspects of health and well-being and is an active speaker and trainer on health matters, particularly the importance of pelvic floor exercises to both men and women. In addition,She is a lecturer of health studies and academic professional development.
I will also be playing you the music of upcoming artists, new Africa4U Fans and new kids on the block Joseph Okeke (TAREEQ) and Le’roy Ozioko. You will also get the chance to listen to NaXis De GeneXis based in Italy, Rhymes Intellectual from Kenya and Lilas Lafleur Artist from Congo.
AFRICA4U is The Radio Show for Africans around the world. To listen to the show live, this Tuesday the 2nd of July at 6pm, log on to – Our guests spots are filled till the end of September, but if there is a project you would like share or if you know of people making a big difference within the community, ring me on (+44)7882809005

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