ROLE MODEL OF THE WEEK, Shamarley Naomi Fontaine – YOUNG AUTHOR 

I have always had a great love for books, which started from a fairly young age. I was four when I learnt to read quite fluently. My dad often reminds me that he’s sure I taught myself because he doesn’t remember ever teaching me. I was reading pretty well from I started nursery.

The love blossomed and bloomed from there onwards and writing is a big part of my life.
I’m quite opinionated, I’m very passionate and I don’t always feel it necessary to feel you have to shout to be heard, I’ve learnt that you can shout until you have no air, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be heard. So I chose to write and give people the chance to listen to me, if they want to.

I started writing at the age of seventeen, though being in the top set for English at Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College definitely helped me set the pace when it comes to writing. Boy did those teachers work us. I remember writing a whole essay the night before it was due, 100 pages exactly… No Joke. I really do thank my teachers for encouraging me to develop, telling me I had potential, thanks to Miss Ibegbuna, Mrs Hayward, my English teachers and Mr Harwood and Mrs Ward, whom were both my History teachers, I think history help a lot and they taught me a hell of a lot.

I have always found that words can evoke so much emotion, can take you on a journey, give you a bird’s eye view into the experience of a character’s life, fictional or fact.

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